Occupational Health & Safety

With a broad understanding of occupational health and safety issues, quality assurance and environmental impact you can rest assured you are dealing with a company which prides itself on upholding the consistent implementation of all relevant procedures and legislation surrounding the aforementioned issues applicable to all projects.

Recognising the importance of safety and quality assurance to the client, the public and its employees Jelmac Directional Drilling Pty Ltd will diligently work towards accreditation of its quality assurance management system.

Integral to the deliverance of the services provided by Jelmac Directional Drilling Pty Ltd is the ongoing up to date skills training of staff whom hold all required industry certifications as per industry requirements.

Jelmac Directional Drilling Pty Ltd offers improved customer service and a high level of expertise servicing all providers within the civil construction market. Our experience, easy friendly approachability and flexibility allows us to complete projects on time and within budget allowing contractors’ peace of mind when dealing with us.