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Bon Beach , Edithvale , Chelsea Victoria


Southern Program Alliance


125mm SDR 13.6 and 180mm SDR 13.6


Running Sand + High water table


Total 3,174 m

Project Value:

Over 8 locations.

A total length of 3,174 meters of bores was completed prior to programmed delivery dates to design a variety of lengths and diameters.

Bore lengths per location varied between 51 meters to 288 meters in length x 3 bores, from point to point.

Each bore essentially parallel to each other however inverts varied in order to construct in a contained surface area of the rail corridor.

Conduit configurations range from 10 conduits to 3 conduits of various conduit sizes being 125mm SDR 13.6 and 180mm SDR 13.6 as per the required design.

As a result, bore diameters varied from 300mm up to and including 600mm as required for installation of conduit configurations.


  • High water table
  • Sand geological conditions
  • High interference levels
  • Restricted zones
  • Stakeholder requirements / constraints required high level planning and controls in consideration of being a high density residential zones

Number of ppl required / team:

Average team of 6 personnel

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Challenges – Tracking of pilot due to interference – Skills, knowledge , experience and planning by team resulted in delivery as per design

Highlight- Delivery well before program timelines, knowing all the planning and hard work resulted in a positive outcome

SPA Staff – excellent to work with – preparation and daily support of the highest level which as result permitted prompt positive delivery of required build

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Techniques required, materials required:

Construct using Vermeer D60 x 90 Horizontal Directional Drill.

Construct using Vermeer D36 x 50 Long Rod Horizontal Directional Drill.

Digitrak F5  Falcon Tracking system

Defined Mud mix to suit known Geological Conditions

Adequate water and Mud mix resources to permit consistent supply as required upon demand

Ample Vacuum Trucks to ensure smooth transfer of drilling slurry to Tip site without incurring delays to process

Special purpose tooling – reamers

Skilled Team

Precise planning pre commencement

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